Richard Armitage  [EXCLUSIVE] - “Sleepwalker”



  • Title:  Richard Armitage [EXCLUSIVE] - “Sleepwalker”
  • Description:  “Sleepwalker” - Richard Armitage
Phone interview
    Interview by Izumi Hasegawa /
    Q: This film, I feel it is love story as well. So how do you see your character in this film? Are you like a romantic guy? Grumpy guy?  What type of boyfriend you are? RA: I think it's something that I bring to the characters that I'm playing is that you know as a person I'm very romantic and I like poetry and all kinds of things that sort of awaken your heart. And then I play a character, I just make a decision whether they have those skills or the passion as well. And with Sleepwalker I really wanted Scott White to... I mean I'm sort of playing two characters in a way because they're two versions of a man who is in her perception so at times he's very scientific and very clinical. But he has an interesting bedside manner and then other times he's not the doctor at all. He's a friend and a lover. And so, you get to play with lots of different character facets and different character traits that you can introduce. And really the character in the movie is her projection. It doesn't really exist if you know it. So, I mean I had great chemistry with Ahna (O’Reilly, played leading character, Sarah) and we became good friends afterwards. We don't see each other all the time but I went to see her play in New York and she came to see my play in New York so I actually have great affection for her. So, I hope that found its way into the film. 
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