Shailene Woodley - “Adrift”



  • Title:  Shailene Woodley - “Adrift”
  • Description:  Shailene Woodley - “Adrift”
    Marina del Rey, CA
    Interview by Izumi Hasegawa / Hollywood News Wire Inc.
    Q: For this project, how much did you know about sailing & oceanography prior to filming?
    Shailene Woodley: Nothing.
    Q: What kind of research did you do to help fill your roles?
    SW: We’ve learned to sail. I mean, I think it was important to both of us to really… You kind of hope that when sailors see this movie, there'll be like Sam (Sam Claflin, played Richard) and Shay (Shailene Woodley, played Tami) know how to sail. I don't know that they will do that [laugh] but that was the great desire, was to make this movie for sailors and to make this movie for Tami (Tami Oldham, character in movie played by Shailene), who's a sailor. So, I think it was a lot of hours on the sea of learning how to tie different ropes and learning the new language, so much of sailing is cerebral more than it is even physical. It’s a completely different rolodex of words.
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