Jodie Foster - “Hotel Artemis”



  • Title:  Jodie Foster - “Hotel Artemis”
  • Description:  Jodie Foster - “Hotel Artemis”
    Los Angeles, CA
    Interview by Izumi Hasegawa / Hollywood News Wire Inc.
    Q: This is your first movie in a while being in front of the camera.
    Jodie Foster: I’ve been directing a lot.
    Q: What's it like being back in front of the camera?
    JF: It's good. I’ve done it my whole life, so practically really since I was three. I've done it more than I've done anything else. It doesn't feel foreign or anything to go back. I think it’s just such a luxury. It's such an honor to be able to say after 52 years in the film business to be able to say I act because I love it and that's it. The only reason there's no other reason and it'll be maybe on an iPhone or maybe it'll be a tiny little part, or maybe it'll be a guest star on this TV show. I don't have to check off any more boxes.
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