John C. Reilly - “Ralph Breaks the Internet”



  • Title:  John C. Reilly - “Ralph Breaks the Internet”
  • Description:  John C. Reilly - “Ralph Breaks the Internet”
    Press Conference
    Beverly Hills, CA
    Interview by Hiro Katoh / Hollywood News Wire Inc.
    Q: Ralph is a vintage arcade character. What was that like for him to be thrust into the Internet? John C. Reilly: Well, I'm a vintage human being. I wouldn't guess from the outfit. Yeah. The character, it was initially even conceived as a fish out of water, kind of character. That was a lot of what we played with in the first film. It was how does Ralph behave or how does any video game character behave in a game that's not his own. And then the Internet is this literally infinite landscape.
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