Matthias Schoenaerts [EXCLUSIVE]  – “The Mustang”



  • Title:  Matthias Schoenaerts [EXCLUSIVE] – “The Mustang”
  • Description:  Matthias Schoenaerts– “The Mustang”
    Los Angeles, CA
    Interview by Izumi Hasegawa / Hollywood News Wire Inc.
    Q: I saw the movie and it seems like this film must have been very challenging for you. There’s almost no dialogue, but you had to show emotion, you also had to ride horse, and you play an American prisoner though you yourself are not American. What was the most challenging part of this film for you? Matthias Schoenaerts: You know I think the most challenging is to make this character a living individual to give it a heart and soul. To make it tangible, and to make it truthful; that’s what the challenge is every time. But here we were dealing with somebody who lives in a very specific emotional space, being incarcerated for so long, being isolated for so long. What does that look like? What is that space within somebody’s heart? What does that do to somebody? And how does it effect somebody, and how does it change them? All of those questions. So we were lucky to visit three maximum security facilities, to sit down with inmates and talk with them for hours and hours. That was really inspirational and really helped me and fed my notion of how to create that emotional silhouette.
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