Tim Burton – “Dumbo”



  • Title:  Tim Burton – “Dumbo”
  • Description:  Tim Burton – “Dumbo”
    Press Conference
    Beverly Hills, CA
    Interview by Izumi Hasegawa / Hollywood News Wire Inc.
    Q: Which performer in the circus do you love the most?
    Tim Burton: None of it. It’s funny. I’ve made circus movies. But I never really liked the circus. But I like the idea of it. I like the idea of that sort of concept when you’re a child of running away to the circus. It’s just a phrase that sort of stuck with a lot of people. I think that’s the idea of not the circus per se. But the idea of being with a bunch of other weird people from around the world that can’t get regular jobs. That kind of a person. But the aerialists do knock me out and all that stuff and the trapeze artists. Yeah.
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