Max Minghella  [EXCLUSIVE] - “Teen Spirit”



  • Title:  Max Minghella [EXCLUSIVE] - “Teen Spirit”
  • Description:  Max Minghella – “Teen Spirit”
    Los Angeles, CA
    Interview by Izumi Hasegawa / Hollywood News Wire Inc
    Q: Is this film a homage to your dad (Anthony Minghella) because he came from a small town and became an international famous talent?
    Max Minghella: It's a little bit of both of my parents because my mother (Carolyn Choa, dancer, choreographer) is from Hong Kong and she moved to London when she was 18 to become a dancer, she didn't speak a word of English and this was in the sixties and it was not considered a normal thing she comes from a medical family you don't become a dancer at all you certainly don't move to another country. So I see a lot of my mother in Violet. Yes my father is from the Isle of Wight and also comes from an immigrant family who felt very much I think outside of British culture and really wanted to be a part of British culture so I would say both of those things were probably in my subconscious.
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