Kyliegh Curran [EXCLUSIVE] - “Doctor Sleep”



  • Title:  Kyliegh Curran [EXCLUSIVE] - “Doctor Sleep”
  • Description:  Kyliegh Curran [EXCLUSIVE] - “Doctor Sleep”
    Interview by Izumi Hasegawa / Hollywood News Wire Inc.
    Q: What was it like working with Ewan McGregor? Did you guys have time to get to know each other?
    Kyliegh Curran: Mr. Ewan is super sweet. I really enjoyed working with him. And on set, it was like a big family. It was all fun [laughs]. So we did get a lot of time to talk. And I think because we grew a friendship out of the story, we really connected with our characters better.
    Q: Your character Abra has this special gift, and she embraces her specialness. Was that something you connected with as an actress?
    KC: Yeah, kind of. I feel like sometimes if you're involved in acting or theater, kids our age won't understand that, and kind of poke fun at that. So a lot of people hide away their true feelings towards acting. But I feel I relate with Abra. I love the theater and I love acting a lot [laughs].
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