Kristen Bell - “Frozen 2“



  • Title:  Kristen Bell - “Frozen 2“
  • Description:  Kristen Bell - “Frozen 2“
    Press Conference
Los Angeles, CA
    Q: Could you talk about what it was like to return to these characters, these two women who have not only inspired an entire generation, but touched so many people?
    Kristen Bell: I’m very similar to Anna. I try to infuse like a ton of me into this character, maybe more so than I’ve ever done. And similarly, since even though we’re roughly the same age, since my early 20s, I have been living for Idina (Menzel). She was obviously on Broadway very young and just like blew up and I remember I was studying in New York and watching her on stage and just going like what? She’s my idol. And then it was a very cool beginning to -- cool and terrifying to be told by Disney, so, you know, maybe go to Idina’s house before this table read, prepare a song just so we can hear what you guys sound like together. And I was like okay. And then drove to her house, stood by a piano, was terrified. My palms were sweating. And it was almost immediate, this like genuine sisterly bond. Because I remember she just put her hands on my shoulders. She’s like you sound so beautiful. This is going to be great. And I was like, just melted.
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